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Société d'Etudes et de Construction d'Appareils de Levage

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Société d'Etudes et de Construction d'Appareils de Levage

Established in 1984, our company has the capacity to take full responsibility for the development of new products, their industrialisation and manufacture. In increasingly competitive markets, quality is one of the elements that allow us to maintain our position and grow.

To achieve this, we offer our customers

- Reliability and safety
- Performance and respect for the environment
- The best quality/price ratio
- Respect for the deadline


Who are we ?

For each of the product's characteristics, for each of its components, our objective is to be at least equal to the best of our competitors.

To achieve this, our strategy is based on :

  • Customer satisfaction, to ensure the continuity of our relationship
  • Continuous improvement, to maintain the confidence of our shareholder
  • Motivation of our staff, to succeed together
  • Respect for the environment, to have a positive impact on the community.

To achieve these objectives, we must apply the Total Quality Management
approach, and to do this

  • Ensuring that the management system and the company comply with Ensure
    that the management system and the company comply with international
  • To set measurable targets for our progress, in line with the requirements and
    expectations of our external and internal and internal customers
  • To demand high performance supplies and service from our suppliers service
  • To translate the general objectives to each member of staff so that to each
    member of staff, so that they can set and monitor their own their own objectives
  • Working as a group
  • To create the conditions to do it right the first time
  • Continuously improve our products and our design and design and
    manufacturing processes
  • Give priority to preventive actions to assess and control to assess and control
    design and manufacturing risks.

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After sales : SERAL Company

Société d'Entretien et de Réparation d'Appareils de Levage

Established in March 1991 - Tél. 33 (0) 3 87 97 87 63 -

Technicians from SECAL with good knowledge and experience in the field of
lifting equipment

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Map showing the location of a category of "grab and grapple" cranes.
This is a non-exhaustive representation and does not include all our achievements.
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Some of our customer references in the "grab and grapple" crane category.